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Glory Counting Machine

The Compact & Practical GFB-820Desk-Top Banknote Counter Handles a Wide Range of Functions - An Economical, User Friendly Banknote Counter!


The high-speed mode counts, adds, and batches 1,500 bank notes per minute. This speed can be changed to either 1,000 or 500 notes per minute, depending on the user's needs. Batches can now be automatically preset to 10, 20, 25, 50, or 100 notes each. In addition, by taking of the Ten Number Keypad users can easily and quickly set the counter to count 1 through 999 notes per batch.


Users can choose between Manual-Start or Auto-Start. When Auto-Start is activated, bank notes are automatically counted immediately after being placed on the hopper. Auto-Start also speeds up operation in the batch mode by triggering counting to restart immediately after the previously counted bank notes are removed from the stacker. The easy-to-use Ten Number Keypad greatly assists in presetting batches and fast operation.


Accurate and reliable counting is continuously assured thanks to a newly developed roller friction system. In addition, the counter can detect when two bank notes are stuck together, thus ensuring that two notes are not counted as one. Finally, abnormalities are automatically spotted and a clear description of the problem appears on the batch number LED display.


With a compact design and total weight of 12.1 Lbs., these bank note counters are handy for carrying and take up less space. A large easy-to-read LED display gives visual confirmation of every operation in progress.


The GFB-810 detects suspicious Naira notes.

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Glory Counting Machine
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