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The Opteva range

Diebold’s new family of self-service solutions provides a higher level of security, convenience and reliability. The Opteva series represents the latest evolution in Diebold’s rich history of innovation and delivers the exclusive features that were identified as being highly valued by financial institutions and end-user consumers. For the advantages in detail see also www.dieboldopteva.com.

The benefits of our Opteva family are:
  • Increased availability because of advanced technology
  • Improved usability because of extremely user-friendly design
  • Enhanced Maintenance because of advanced operator features
  • Enhanced security features because of many fraud prevention mechanisms
The Opteva terminals are equipped with Exclusive Features standard across the whole Opteva family.

Advanced PC Technology:
  • Pentium IV, 2.0 GHz processor
  • Intel Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
    … Secure sessions between devices
  • 533 MHz system bus speed
  • 256 MB – 2 GB memory
  • 20GB Hard Drive
  • 700MB Read/Write CD ROM
    ... accomplish software update downloads more quickly
    ... retrieve large MPEG advertising files faster
  • Universal Serial Bus 2.0 Architecture
    ... new industry standard
    ... improves the service time in case of replacing hardware components
15.1” LCD with pixel monitoring:
  • Provides largest viewable area
  • Pixel monitoring
    ... Exclusive to Diebold is the display’s ability of advanced
    ... notification of any error statuses in functionality
  • Uses industry standard Digital Video Interface
  • Integrated vandal resistant glass is standard,
    with optional features that include:
    - Privacy filters
    - Sunlight viewable
    - Function keys
    - Touch screen options (with or without function keys)
Enhanced card reader with fraud prevention mechanisms:
  • Motorized card reader for magnetic tracks and chip
  • Anti-Trapping enhancements
  • Anti-Fishing detection
  • Anti-Skimming protection (jitter)
  • EMV 3.1.1 and 4.0 compliant
  • High density magnetic tracks reading / writing version
Advanced Function Dispenser:
  • Up to 5 cassettes
  • Improved Reliability
    - Enhanced Picking routines
    - Self-calibrating sensors
    - Redesigned note path transport
    - Self-aligning transport belts
  • Enabled to run remote diagnostic routines
  • Integrated enhanced security features
  • Increased transactions/dispense speed
  • Increased capacity - reduced number of Cash Replenishment visits
  • Offers single pick and divert capability
  • Offers separate compartments for diverted and retractable notes
Enhanced operator interface:
  • 10.4” colour LCD with high resolution graphics
  • optional with touch screen capability
    - used on rear load models
    - largest monitor in the industry
  • Removable alphanumeric keyboard with ‘mouse’
    - Adjustable positions for ease of use
  • Quick diagnostic ‘dashboard’ conveys ATM and device status
  • On-line service documentation
Enhanced Voice Guidance:
  • Voice guidance capability is enabled through the advanced audio delivery and headphone jack features
  • Supports “text to speech”
    - screen texts are converted to speech (computer voice)
  • Supports standard .wav files
  • Available on all self service terminals
  • Optional manual volume control
Enhanced Consumer Interface:
  • Consistent transaction ergonomics
  • Tri-coloured programmable lead through indicators
  • Wrap around lead through indicator on card reader
Enhanced User Security:
  • All of Diebold's "Opteva" ATMs come equipped with built in consumer awareness mirrors
  • Lighted Fascia Panel
  • Visible Security Camera
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