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Arius AD Serbia
IBM advanced software development partner
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Our business relationship with Arius AD of Belgrade can be summarized thus:

The main spheres of ARIUS’ work are software development, system integration, sales of computer and communications equipment, maintenance of equipment and the provision of services in the implementation of ATMs and EFT-POS terminals

ARIUS designs and develops software for the implementation of specific information systems, specifically e-government and in education, and in the implementation of credit and debit cards in banks. ARIUS uses the most up-to-date methods, technology and tools in the processes of design and development, such as object and structural methods and techniques, alongside Rational Rose, BPWIN and ERWIN and Oracle Designer tools. The software platforms for Arius products are Java, Linux, IBM Visual Age, CICS and DB\2, IBM Lotus and Oracle. The development procedures in ARIUS are in line with the highest standards of quality.

In the field of System Integration, ARIUS fully connects all the elements of the user’s information system: applications, database software, operating systems, computers and communication equipment. In this way all the necessary infrastructure for modern and electronic commerce are set up. Within the scope of these businesses the following are of particular importance:

Planning and realization of computer networks: ARIUS in line with its operation verifies its final projects by applying software for the simulation of the network. This software enables the simulation of the behavior of applications, including WEB applications, network traffic, and the simulation of communication links. In this way a network is built up with planning but also economically and reliably, and only the most necessary telecommunication capacities are leased.

The implementation of systems for the management, security and protection of networks and distributed computer resources: ARIUS implements these systems with the application of the world leading IBM Tivoli software.

The introduction of Internet and e-mail services into large organizations: ARIUS applies systems, which in the best possible way to support these services in large organizations. They are based on IBM Lotus Domino software.

Through system integration work, ARIUS delivers hardware and software equipment which requires the utmost level of specialist IT knowledge in its set up: computers for mission critical applications; ATMs and EFT-POS terminals, cheque processing devices, software for the management of networks and distributed resources, Internet/Intranet/Extranet software, etc.

ARIUS provides software and equipment maintenance so that the reliable working of our users’ business processes is ensured. Proof of this is our successful work on more than 300 locations, in bank branches.

Through, Europlanet ARIUS uses and still continues to develop a system for the implementation and use of debit and credit cards. This system enables the efficient and fast introduction of ATMs, self-service and POS terminals in banks and in retail locations. ARIUS offers its services for the introduction of these systems and computer processing under the principle of ‘outsourcing’. The system functions with Euronet’s ARKSYS software and ARIUS own software products.

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