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Glory Limited Japan

Glory Shoji Company Ltd (Glory) Ltd.
Akihabara UDX 19F
4-14-1, Sotokanda, Chiyoda Ku, Tokyo
101 8977 Japan

Phone + 81-3-5207-3110
Fax: +81-3-5207-3030
Founded 1918 March and its nearly 90 years of existence, Glory has established excellent reputation as a Manufacturer of Money Handling Machines.

Glory Products contain recognition and identification technology that can instantaneously detect information on currency notes to determine the validity and authenticity even of severely damaged notes from those that have relatively minor imperfections.

Glory has also developed and deployed Mechatronics Technologies and by integrating it with Electronic Circuit Technology, it became possible to dispense, feed, gather notes and coins with speed and precision.

Glory is constantly refining the latest technologies and exploiting its proprietary technologies based on Biometrics.

Key Product & Systems

Currency Notes Counters
  • GFB 800/900 series - Currency Counting Machine (Friction System)
  • GFR series - Currency Counting Machine (Friction System)
  • GND 700 Series - Currency Counting Machine (Vacuum/Spindle system)
Coin Counting/Wrapping Machine
  • WR 80/400 Series - Coin Counting/Wrapping Automation
  • CPII series - Coin Counting machine
  • CCR 10 series - Compact Coin Counting Machine
Currency Sorting Machine
  • UW 100 - Bank Currency fitness sorting machine with 3 pockets
  • UW 200 - Bank Currency fitness sorting machine with 7 pockets
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